Brad & Marilyn Rhoads on Focus on the Family Broadcast

By Grace Marriage

We are thankful for the opportunity to be on the Focus (“Focus”) on the Family Radio show. Focus helps countless families and empowers many ministries.

It was a privilege to be interviewed. Focus is hospitable and does everything with excellence. Many topics are covered in the broadcast, including our testimony and how to make space for marriage in a busy world. Plus, Marilyn addresses how to be content and joyful, even when your spouse isn’t prioritizing or loving you well.

Brad & Marilyn share their heart and talk about "Loving the Story of Your Marriage". This is Part 1 of 2 in a series of interviews hosted by Focus on the Family and can be viewed here.

In this episode, the focus is more on Marilyn as she reveals some of the stories from their marriage. Everything from expectations, to sports, kids and culture. Marilyn discusses her expectations during the first year of marriage. She also discusses how the busyness got to her in the beginning. She explains how God showed He was her hope and not Brad.

Listen as Marilyn talks honestly and openly about how God gave her freedom to love Brad despite him not being the sole provider of all of her needs! : )

Wives, your husband is not your hope—Christ is. 

Marilyn talks about instead of becoming a nagging wife, how she has learned to pray before nagging when something's bothering her. 

Then, Brad talks about a time when he thought he had a hyper-sensitive wife. Instead, he realized he wasn't doing the things he needed to do as a servant and husband. 

Please pray God uses the broadcast to motivate many spouses to invest and many churches to implement intentional marriage structures.

Watch the full video here. Check out the Focus on the Family link and let us know what you think.


Co-founders of Grace Marriage, Brad Rhoads and his wife, Marilyn, were interviewed live in studio at Focus on the Family. They offer insight to couples as they describe how they’ve learned to love and serve each other well. Brad and Marilyn discuss the importance of modeling a good marriage to our culture, and the work of their ministry, which assists local churches in strengthening marriages. 

About Brad and Marilyn:
A graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law, Brad Rhoads practiced as a full-time attorney for more than 20 years, and he has served as the lay pastor of marriage at his church since 2010. His wife, Marilyn, holds degrees in psychology and social work, and counseled at Counseling Associates before leaving the practice to be home with her children. Together, Brad and Marilyn are the co-founders of Grace Marriage, which is dedicated to assisting local churches to change marriage in our churches and the culture at large. The couple leads marriage retreats, authors marriage wellness materials, provides leadership training, and leads quarterly marriage groups. Brad and Marilyn have five children. Learn more about the Rhoads and their ministry at

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