How to handle COVID without driving yourself—and others—crazy

By Brad Rhoads

I hate uncertainty. With all that's going on in the world, how do you handle COVID without driving yourself—and others—crazy? Let's talk about it.


When it is uncertain how things are going to turn out (good or bad), I don’t often handle it well. Typically, I shift into “work real hard and try to make it turn out good” mode. Then, people commend me for working hard and getting so much done. Afterward, the situation passes and I do relatively well until another perceived crisis occurs in my life.

Well, this COVID thing (and some other stuff) has really thrown me off.

First, I try to control the situation by making sure no one in my family gets COVID. We haven’t gotten it yet. But, doing your best to totally shield an active, wild family from all potential exposure will drive you half crazy.

Plus, I have driven them about three-quarters crazy. They love hearing “keep your hands away from your mouth,” “that is not 6 feet,” and “wash your hands.” Plus, they rip on me for using way too much hand sanitizer. My theory is: if one squirt works then two squirts is way better. 😊

So, I have slowly improved and become less of high strung, sharp-voiced, Corona cop. Then, other stuff happens. I have a routine heart test that shows some degree of abnormality. Again, my mind races and, again, there is nothing I can really do to fix it. I am left to deal with uncertainty and nothing to fix (or seemingly even lessen) the situation.

While all of this has been pretty rough, I see God using it for the good. It is like He is saying “fix your eyes on things above (ME!), not on earthly things (virus, personal health, and so on). Fix your eyes on certainty—God’s love, sovereignty, patience, grace, and kindness...not on uncertainty—COVID, health conditions, the news, politics, you get the idea.

A focus on certainty (read: focus on GOD) brings peace and an abundant life. A focus on uncertainty brings stress and strips you of the ability to enjoy life. So, as we ride this bad, unstable rollercoaster of life, let us look up—not down and around.

Practically, what does this look like. For me, I have been fasting from the news, taking more quiet times with the Lord, reading books that take my attention to Jesus, and trying not to have my conversation with friends revolve around sickness and social unrest. Simply stated, do things that turn your attention to Jesus.

May God grant you trust and peace in these trying times.



Brad Rhoads is Co-Founder of Grace Marriage. 


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