The productivity enhancer

By Grace Marriage

Many people feel like they are working at capacity and doing their best, when in reality they are working and serving well below their potential and well below God’s best for them.

Recently, I listened to a sermon about loving and serving your wife. Prior to hearing the sermon, I honestly felt like I was giving my all when I got home from work. I certainly didn’t sit down and watch television or just check out. However, after the sermon, I went home that evening and realized there was much I could do to be more intentional about helping with what really needed to be done.

I took the initiative and gave the kids baths. I helped my oldest daughter with her homework. I folded a load of laundry. Nothing revolutionary, but I simply made an effort to do what really helped my wife the most. Then came the convicting comment by Marilyn: “What made you be so helpful tonight? Did you hear a sermon or something?” I confessed I had. Then, my daughter made a comment asking why I was being so helpful to her with her homework. I wanted to just call out, “Okay, I get it!!!”

To effectively love and help takes intentional observation, anticipation, and action. Otherwise, you may be working, but in a totally ineffective manner. I am convicted that too often, our spouses have to ask for true, effective help.

What if we laid down our own petty wants and comforts for our spouse? How would the tenor of our marriages and home life change? By God’s grace, this is what we should all seek to do.

Our challenge, as both men and women, is to discern how we can intentionally love, bless, and serve one another in the ways in which are most helpful. This is key to the man loving his wife just as Christ loved the church and to the woman being the helpmate that God created her to be.

We should call out to God for wisdom each day as we seek insight on how to bless, help, and love one another. Are you intentionally discerning what needs to be done and taking the initiative to serve and help? What can you do to be more effective in blessing your spouse and children?

Tags: Faith, Relationship, Communication